You’ve spent your working life building up your capital preparing for retirement. Now it’s time to put it to work.

If you want to protect your capital, while at the same time earning good returns, you need to find out more about Corporate Bonds. 

Since 1998 FIIG has helped investors access Corporate Bonds. With our expertise we can help you invest with confidence.

The benefits of Corporate Bonds

Earn a better return

Corporate Bonds generally pay a higher income return than cash and term deposits.

Predictable income

Corporate bonds provide the certainty of a regular predictable income – priceless when you’re making plans for retirement. Unlike shares, they are not connected to the profitability of the issuing company.

Capital preservation

At the end of the agreed term of your investment, the face value of the capital you invested must be returned to you. Simple as that.

Bonds are a lower risk investment than shares.

Diversify your portfolio

Diversifying your investments across different asset classes and markets is an important way to protect your wealth from the impact of market changes, interest rates, currency fluctuations and inflation.

Through bonds, you can also invest in assets that would otherwise be out of reach.

Why bondsBonds play an important role in retirement strategies

5% p.a.returns*

Great returns despite interest rates being at historic lows.

Certainty of income

Lower risk and higher returns provide peace of mind.

Accessible assets

Invest in assets that would otherwise be out of reach.

Buy & sell direct

Trade bonds in a similar way to shares.

* Rate as at 15.09.16. Subject to change without notice and is before fees. See our FSG for any applicable fees.



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Earn 5% pa* or more 
with Corporate Bonds